Fly like a bird along the Côte d’Opale

Martin, as a passionate commercial pilot with thousands of hours of experience is the ideal host for an unforgettable flight with a view on both the French and the British coast.

Martin’s plane is a state of the art Cirrus SR20, the only plane in the world with a parachute, and is based at Calais Dunkirk and is, weather permitting available for an unforgettable flight.

In 30 minutes we can fly along the coast to Boulogne and return via the marble quarries in Marquise and the V3 base in Mimoyeckes.

In an hour we can fly along the coast yo the Baye of the Somme to watch the seals.

Of course other flights are possible with stops in Le Touquet, Abbeville, Lydd or Shoreham on the English south coast.





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