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Leisure and sport.

Le Touquet


On the road, flat (north of us) or hilly: lots of beautiful trails.
Off road: many well-marked trails. More and more special biking trails. Bike rent (including electrical) at the Maison du Parc in Audinghen and Brame Sport in Calais.

Take a day-return as a pedestrian and enjoy what Dover has to offer: great bustling port, beautiful castle of Henry VIII, with permanent museum, the old headquarters of Churchill carved into the cliffs, lively town with numerous pubs and restaurants.

If you want to take your car check the website of Eurotunnel ,P&O , DFDS Seaways and they often have nice specials.

Canoeing or rowing: Audomarois wonderful possibilities near St Omer, guided boat tours are also possible.
Eurolac: Ardres ideal for children with numerous attractions, sailing, model boats and playground along the lake and an ecological museum.

Scenic Flights at Calais/Dunkirk.

Model Flying: Cap Blanc Nez

Nausica: Boulogne sur Mer. One of the finest aquariums in Europe.

Horse Riding: riding stables in St Inglevert, Wimereux, Warincthun

Sandsailing: a.o. Oye Plage, Marck

Fishing: Sea fishing from the beach or from a boat:
Many inland canals, swamps and lakes are great for freshwater fishing.

Walking. Everywhere beautiful, well-marked tracks in various lengths and difficulty.The most beautiful of all starts and ends in our village. Countless GR pass thru our neighborhood, the route to Santiago de Compostella and Francigena pass near our village. After consultation, we can bring you anywhere on a route so you do not have to walk the same roads twice.
Eden62 organizes nearly every day a guided walk.
Many walks begin and end at a Estaminet Randonnée, were they serve delicious regional dishes and have local old games.
Many tracks to download and here.

Tide Table:

Windsurf en kitesurf, especially in Wissant en Sangatte
Calais, Wissant, Wimereux, Boulogne sur Mer

Swimming almost everywhere along the coast. The quality of the seawater is fair to good. Consider the tide, we can advise you about it, also in terms of quiet beaches, supervised beaches, etc.
There are also large indoor swimming pools in Calais and Boulogne sur Mer

Culture, museums and history:

Louvre Lens. The caves of the Louvre museum in Paris were filled to the brim with art, for which exhibition-space lacked.. Now they opened up a dependance  in Lens, about 100 km from us, which has become overnight on of the major attractions of our region:

Blockhaus D'Eperleques: a huge bunker, constructed for the firing of V2 rockets

Calais:lighthouse, world famous sculpture of Rodin: "The Burghers of Calais" town hall with Belfry, Musée de Dentelle, the harbor buzzing with the ferries.Beach and the boulevard with lots of entertainment for children.
For unforgettable views, you can climb the lighthouse and the belfry of the town-hall. The town-hall also has an elevator.

Chateau Musee: Boulogne sur Mer

La Coupole: Wizernes, near St.Omer.Impressive V2 base, which is made into very interesting museum, not like many of the museums in the area with really just a collection of weapons and clothing.This is a museum with a message,  a bit like the Memorial in Caen.
In 2012 they also opened up an impressive 3-D planetarium.

Mimoyeques: underground installation for the V3, a super-gun that could fire missiles into London. Has been bombed in time and therefore never used. Saddam Hussein has adopted the idea, but was also stopped in time.


Musee Sandelin: St Omer, an interesting art museum, mainly paintings.

Musee de Flandre: Mont Cassel, very interesting museum with a number of known Flemish masters. The trip there (take shortest route, avoiding the freeway) is a fairy tale.



Ambleteuse: nice village on the coast between Cap Gris Nez and Boulogne with a fortress built by Vauban in the sea.

Audresselles: a charming fishing village where the traditional fishing with Flobart stil is exercised.The village has no harbor and the boats were hoisted by horses or people, and now pulled by tractors on the beach.

Baie de Somme:
large colony of seals, idyllic villages like St.Valery sur Somme, Le Crotoy, le Hourdel and a beautiful bird sanctuairy: le Marquenterre


Chemin de Fer: a local steam train around the Baie de Somme.

Bagatelle Amusement park

Bergues: nice town surrounded by moats and ramparts.
Has gained notoriety thanks to the film "Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis" with Dany Boon

Bourbourg: pretty, authentic old town with interesting sculptures of the British sculptor Anthony Caro in the church.

Boulogne-sur-Mer, boat tours at Sea or Sea fishing

Dunkirk, Port and Maritime Museum.

Etaples, fishing village on the borders of the Canche with an interesting museum: Mareis and Fishmarket. A cruise on the Canche is possible.

Gravelines: well-preserved fortress town with a possibility to make a tour of the moat by pedal or rowboat.

Maison de la Fayence in Desvres: porcelain and pottery museum in the beautiful surroundings of Desvres.Many beautiful walks.

Montreuil sur Mer, one of the most beautiful places with citywalls, including the castle on a hill. You can make a round walk over the ramparts with stunning  views. In the summer, Sound and Lightshow of Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.
Used to be accessible by ship, but is now because of the silting of the Canche far inland.
Take the route nationale through the Vallée de la Course, one of the most attractive drives in the north of France.

Passion Aventure, outdoor recreation:

Saint Joseph Village, between the marshes of Guines, what life here used to be.

Tour d’Horloge. Small but interesting museum about how the Vikings have founded Guines.


Wimereux: charming seaside resort with many Belle Epoque houses and a lovely promenade.

Wissant: very vibrant village in the summer and a mecca for surfers.

Some of our favorite restaurants
In our village

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